hayden awake #1

Platinum Silicone Full Bodied Baby sculpted and made by me Romie Strydom.


Medium soft skin tones.
Tongue and gums.
Glass eyes
Takes full preemie paci.
brown premium mohair , rooted from cut end.


8 lbs 12 0z


Length 20 "
Head circumference 14"


All my babies are small editions


Hayden is beautiful and soft, approximately the size of a newborn to one month baby. She is flexible and moves like a real baby. She has a neck armature reinforcement and soft arm and hip armatures.

About Baby

My babies are sculpted from a lump of clay by me, Romie Strydom, which I then  reproduce into very small editions. All is done entirely by me, from sculpting,  molding, pouring, painting and rooting, as I enjoy every step and try and create the best quality I can.  I only use the highest grade Platinum silicone on ALL my babies.

She has been painted with my own blend of colors, with beautiful coloring and  super soft mottling.  No detail has been missed on her.  I have given her brown mohair rooted from cut end.

Baby is matted with my own ‘Romie’s Silicone Silk’ pure silica powder, which leaves her extremely silky and soft, no lint will stick to her, and makes baby easier to dress. Her mouth can open and has tongue and gums and takes a full  paci.

My babies are solid silicone, with the head being solid, the hair cannot be sealed inside the head, so extreme care must be taken with brushing etc, as the hair can be pulled out, although, if treated gently, the hair should be fine.

I recommend using a soft baby brush to style baby’s hair.

These babies are not play dolls, they are artistic collector items, and need to be treated very gently as you would a real baby.

Not recommended for  children.

Pictures have been taken over several days in different light settings.

*********Coming Home.********

Baby will come home with all the outfits shown, + extra’s.

Baby’s first toy,  as shown.  

+ 14k  gold plated  baby bracelet.

Included:   One of my Romie’s Silica Silk matting powder and brush.

LE Certificate of Authenticity and care instructions, her own Romie Box included.

Photo Props not included!

Photo props – ie: baskets, wraps, blankets etc  used for photos not  included in this auction, and will remain in studio for future babies.

 Please message me on facebook if you are a serious buyer.   
This baby is SOLD.



I am offering FREE  Shipping with this baby, worldwide.

Buyers are responsible for any customs fees  their countries may charge them.

I ship to the following countries.

United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and United Kingdom.


Payment Details

I accept payment via Paypal, Zelle, Bank wire Transfer, or Venmo.

I can do a very short layby but to only people I know. sorry.   Layby for 4 payment with 10% of final value non refundable.     

(1/4 deposit down and 3 equal monthly payments).  No paypal for payment plan.