Romie's Babies



My silicone babies are created entirely by me from start to finish, sculpting, molding, casting, painting, rooting the hair, even the photo shoot.  I don’t have any help as I like to do all myself, making my babies extremely limited and entirely artist made.  I love what I do, and pay special attention to every detail on the dolls. 

Finished babies are usually sold via auction, I will send out my notification email once I have a baby on offer.


My name is Romie Strydom, and I am the artist behind these dolls. I have been making dolls since 1989. I was very fortunate to have found my passion in life all those years ago, and still strive everyday, to improve my skills in doll making, painting and sculpting. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and can’t imagine my life without dolls. My babies are sculpted from scratch,  without the use of any molds, to be reproduced into vinyl kits, and these are offered to reborners (doll makers)  all over the world.

In 2010 I started producing very small editions of  solid silicone babies, which have become my main focus now, as I love creating from start to finish. I sculpt the babies in clay, which I then mold and reproduce myself into soft silicone, which I paint and (micro root) apply hair on the head. These babies are offered in very small editions, only 10 dolls or less, worldwide. I only use highest grade Platinum silicone and love the results. I take a lot of care with my silicone babies as quality and finish is very important to me.

I have babies all over the world, in private collections. I am very grateful to my supporters and the collectors who buy my dolls, as without them I could not continue to do what I love.

Thanks for visiting my page and enjoy looking around.